Thursday, August 21, 2008

Split Rock

It seems like every time I write about one of my plants I say it is my favorite. I can't help it. I find these succulents fascinating! Split Rock is also know as Cleft Stone and Mimicry Plant. It's scientific name is Pleiospilos nelii and it is from South Africa.

I have a friend in San Diego who grows this in his rock garden but obviously it wouldn't survive Ohio's harsh winters. My friend thought that it was a kind of lithops but it isn't. Lithops are odd plants that grow buried up their tops but Split Rock sits on top. Plus Split Rock will have multiple flowers.

The main problem with this plant is it demands so little attention. I've read where in a European environment a mature plant can go an entire year without being watered. I water mine lightly and infrequently and so far it is doing quite well. I'm hoping for flowers before too long.


Danielle Sipe said...

Hi do you still have split rocks? I am growing 3 and would love to hear some advice. Thanks in advance.

Danielle Sipe said...
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