Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coral Cactus

People who know me know that I love succulents. Many times at work or on a special occasion someone will give me a cutting or a full plant in a container. Lately I've been the recipient of odd plants and plants that are near death. The coral cactus was given to me just because it was so odd looking.

This plant is Euphobia Lactea Crest and as you can see it has been grafted onto another Ephobia. In the wild the crest is rare but with breeding and propagation techniques they are easily found. The Euphobia Lactea Crest is grafted onto the Ephobia to speed up it's growth. I've been told they do this in Thailand.

I'm not really into Cacti. Repeat after me, All cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. I have some and enjoy them but there are endless varieties of succulents to discover. The Coral Cactus, though, is a beauty and I'm looking forward to seeing it flower.

I originally posted this pic on other site and realized it made it look larger than it really is so I took another picture with a yardstick to show how large it really is.


Luther said...

Just a note to point out that of course "Coral Cactus" isn't a cactus, though it is grafted on a cactus (Pereskia). As you note, it's a Euphorbia, and if it flowers, it won't be exciting.

And so, even if it's called a cactus, you haven't quite ventured into the cactus realm yet!

Anonymous said...

Why do you state that if the Euphorbia flowers it won't be exciting please explain.

Barbie Chiu said...

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