Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tigers Jaw

Faucaria tigrina is one of the more interesting succulents. It has rosettes of triangular leaves with pointed fleshy parts, making them look like open jaws. It is one neat looking plant. Mine is nice and pink whereas most of the Tigers Jaw that I have seen have been a rich green. I assume that makes it Faucaria Tigrina Felina. This is another plant from South Africa. I plan on separating this and adding it to one of my dish gardens.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Crassula Gollum

Back in the beginning of August, A Succulent Obsession had a photograph of Crassula Gollum that I found fascinating. I had never seen one before. On the site they called it Coral but I've seen it called Hobbit's Pipe after JRR Tolkien's character since the leaves are tubular and appear to be tipped with a suction cup. It is also known as Trumpet Jade or Finger Jade.

I searched high and low and finally came upon a nice specimen. As you can see when the plant gets sufficient light the tips become red.

As with any of the Jades it is easy to propagate. I plan to mix different jades into a dish garden. I think that will be interesting.