Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Correction

On June 8th I posted a picture of what I thought was Machairophyllum latifolium, I was led to believe that from the label on it from the greenhouse.  My cursory examination didn’t catch it but luckily a reader by the screen name of Arizona Ed (or CactiEd, not sure.  Email me!)  did.  I appreciate it.

It is in fact Rhombophyllum dolabriforme commonly known as Elkhorn Plant.

Thanks for the correction.  I’ll try harder in the future.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

You have been posting some cool looking plants. The Elkhorn plant is named correctly. It really looks like the antler.

Don't worry about the missed ID. It happens to everyone. There are plants that I have called the wrong name for years.

gremhog said...

i can see the how the plants are named for other things. love how there is this similarity in nature.

I still haven't named any of mine...other than Ron and Elvis. I'm thinking which one to name after you.