Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring: A New Beginning

Anyone who knows me or knows this blog knows I love succulents. But my true love is the Lithop.

I pulled out all of my Lithops for the first time today after a long winter. The become dormant and die off and a new plant emerges out of the center. The hard part is not watering them. I've barely watered them since October!!! I was a little worried as many of them are very small., just babies.

I brought them out and there they were fresh and ready to go. I couldn't be happier. Check out the pics

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ericat said...

Lovely to see the lithops. I know the watering temptation and usually kill mine. Feeling guitly about it and gave up on them. My husband has his and threatened me if I ever do more than take a look. Well ... I enjoyed my look at your lithops. Really very nice.